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Miss C

Kristen brought in another super fun client, Miss C, recently for her very first boudoir photo shoot experience. I've been working with Kristen for many years now as her "house" hair and makeup artist and I love meeting and working with different ladies every time. She does have a few repeats and those clients are a hoot too!! Miss C booked a session originally for Christmas but didn't realize how far out Kristen was booked. Then she tried for her husband's birthday, but missed getting on the schedule for that too. So since she missed both, she figured the gift would not be expected and she could get away with the secret for longer with her husband suspecting anything. There was a silver lining and a brilliant one at that.

Here is a list of makeup products I used for Miss C. She wanted something closer to natural versus dramatic, but still bumped up, and with mauve tones.

Products used:

Nars radiant longwear foundation in Deauville, Elf hydrating camo concealer in Light Peach, Laura Mercier translucent powder, ColourPop bronzer blush and highlight, ColourPop brow pencil in Black Brown, Sydney Grace shadows on the eyes, black shadow liner, Essence mascara, Ardell 421 lashes, and ColourPop lip liner in BFF topped with Maybelline lifter gloss in Moon

I just found out recently that Miss C signed a model release when she went back in for her image debut. Kristen gives all of her clients the option to share their images outside of the studio. And I know you may think it's required, but it's definitely not. I just so happen to reap the benefits when a client does sign a release because that means I can share a few in my portfolio as well since I was the hair and makeup artist. Miss C rocked her photo shoot and I hope you enjoy these images! Maybe it'll give you that kick in the booty to book a session for you too!

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