Hi, I'm Meghan Lee, the founder of Declan + Mae. Nice to meet you!! I'm an extroverted introvert and love doing things for others. Aside from my love for animals, girl time, and family, my real love is beauty. Makeup was always a side hustle of mine but never really pursued it as a career until the last 8 years. I grew up where my parents wanted me to be a teacher, so even when I realized my love for the arts, I didn't think it was a feasible goal to do anything but that. After graduating college with a degree in business (not even teaching...go figure), I had no idea where I wanted to take that. So once I did some soul searching, I kept coming back to the idea of beauty. I loved it that much so why can't I make it work? Friends suggested doing makeup but all I could do was weekend gigs because of my 9-to-5 job, so here's what I did. I began emailing TONS of photographers, venues, styling teams, and more just to see if it would get my foot in the door. I worked more on lifestyle projects in the beginning and I became friends with lots of them. But what I really wanted to do the most? Weddings. So I studied, went back to school, and now do hair and makeup. I work mostly on weddings,, but also still do lifestyle shoots, boudoir photo shoots, and everything in between (even an underwater photo shoot!). I quit my day job July 2017 and have been doing this full time ever since. I should have quit a LONG time ago but it has been the best decision!!



I provide luxury hairstyling and makeup services for any event. I get to know you a little through email to find your perfect look for your special day. I offer trial runs for weddings -- but aren't required -- and offer my suggestions on what will look best on you. Too many times, other artists are hired and all they know how to do is trendy makeup, but that does not look best on every face. I would urge you to find someone who has the skills to make you look your best based on all your beautiful features. And I would absolutely LOVE to be your beauty consultant and artist for your special event. While I am a single-person business, I do often bring in other local hair and makeup artist friends to help out with large parties.



I live in East Nashville and service the middle Tennessee area. Most times, I come to you, but I do have an in-home studio if you prefer to come out my way. Travel fees are included with my pricing but anything over 10 miles will have a travel fee of $0.58 per mile. Otherwise, I come to you at your venue, church, home, or even your mama's house!

Have any other questions not found here? Feel free to get in touch. I'd love to chat and answer anything you're not sure about.



Nashville, TN, USA

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