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frequently asked questions

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Should I hire a pro artist?

Absolutely, yes! Pro artists are trained to know what products will last all day and will photograph in the best way possible. It's also best to look at an artist's body of work to see if they can work on young skin, mature skin, problematic skin, and more. If you see one type of face, that's most likely all they know how to do. Diversity is key. Your artist will know how to make you look your best and can do everything from natural to full-on glam. Even if you are someone who knows a thing or two about hair and makeup, it's always a plus to pamper yourself every once in a while. Go on, treat yo' self!!


Dirty hair?

Your stylist wants clean dry hair, not 4-day-old greasy hair. Washing it the day before gives enough oils for the style to hold, but not too much where we have to use a whole can of dry shampoo. If you wash it once a week normally, you can get away with 2 days before your styling. But if you wash every day, please don't skip and wash and dry it the morning of the event. Also, no one wants to smell your greasy hair getting heated up with the hot tools. Sorry, but it's true. In the end YOU know your hair. And I say if you're hesitant, just go ahead and wash and dry it, and we can "grit it up" if needed.


How do you stay sanitary?

It is SO important to hire a pro artist that knows how to sanitize their products. Before services even begin, you should see clean brushes, a tidy kit, and an artist who will sanitize their hands. Once they start, know that all cream products must not be shared and a spatula needs to be used to get out the product and applied with a disposable of some kind. Same goes with mascara. A disposable spoolie must ALWAYS be used unless you like the idea of getting pink eye. Powder products can be disinfected with a spray alcohol. In a time like this where COVID-19 is present, it's more important than ever to be clean, body and kit! Masks and/or face shields will be worn at all times.


Do you stay after hair and makeup are done?

It's not typical for the artist(s) to stay after hair and makeup are completed, but it can be arranged. The products used are long-wear and will stay throughout the night. This can vary depending on how much of a face rubber you are, but generally, it has 12+ hour wear. A touch-up kit is even provided for the bride (applicable to weddings and no other events) to assure the best possible hair and makeup. If you are interested in this, please let Meghan know at the time of booking. Pricing will be discussed at that time and can vary depending on the number of hours needed.


Why is bridal pricing more money?

If you have read over the Rates section, you see that the bridal rate is more money than others. There is a reason for that. The first one being is that more time is spent on the bride's hair and makeup look to really perfect it. The second reason is that we have to account for our administrative time. Not only do we communicate with the bride sometimes in dozens of emails working out the beauty schedule, suggesting looks, but there is more that goes into being an artist aside from showing up and applying makeup and styling hair. We also have to account for business licensing and insurance, legally written contracts, business tax services, website fees, the cost of our products and tools, years of experience, reviews, and more. If you see an artist with lower rates, they're either newer and trying to build their portfolio or they don't have the above to count as an expense.

Photography Anthology - Emily + Locke (4

How far in advance should I book?

If the services you need are for a wedding, you can book as far in advance as you'd like. To ensure your date, the sooner you pay the retainer and book, the better. Even though the postponements due to Covid made for an interesting last two years, some brides are still having issues with vendors. And we don't want to be included with any bad juju. So just message us and we'll see how our calendars look for your big day. If the services you need are for anything else and it's not a weekend, you can call and we can work something out tomorrow if you want to.


Can I supply my own false lashes?

You know you see all those gorgeous falsies at the store and gush over them so you buy them. You get home, excited to wear them, and something just doesn't work. Some don't stick, some make your eyes look downturned, some even are WAY too natural or WAY too glam. Trained artists will know what falsies work best for your face and eye shape. It's best to leave it to the experts. If you want to forego a makeup application, we can still apply falsies for $25.

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What is airbrush?

Airbrush makeup is applied through an airbrush gun without the use of brushes, sponges or fingers. It gives the most flawless finish and can be applied more natural up to full coverage. It is water-resistant and will not come off through sweat, tears, or intense huggers like Aunt Faye. It works for all skin types. There have been some hesitant to use it with COVID-19 currently in the air, but no one is breathing into the machine nor do we contract out artists who are the slightest bit sick. If you have tried airbrush in the past and it did not work well with your skin texture, we do offer traditional foundation as well and it will be just as stunning on your face.

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