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New 2024 pricing


  • A $100 retainer is required to reserve your special date and it is non-refundable as well as non-transferable. It will be subtracted from your wedding day total.

  • A six application minimum is required for all weekend wedding parties, Saturday through Sunday (ie, 1 makeup and 5 hair, 6 makeup, 3 makeup and 3 hair, etc). If booking a weekday wedding, there is no minimum application required.

  • Early morning fees of $50 per artist will apply when services are scheduled before 8:00am.

  • If clients arrive more than 15 minutes after the agreed upon start time for services, late start fees of $25 per every 15 minutes the client is late will be invoiced.

  • Additions and overtime: The scheduled services cannot be exchanged, subtracted from, or downgraded for any alternate services, but may only be upgraded and added onto. Client will not receive a refund under any circumstance for unused and/or unwanted services. There are no refunds for cancellations of individual items after the agreement is signed. The client may add on additional services on the wedding date at the sole discretion of the company. There is no guarantee that the company will be available for additional time if changes are made less than 30 days prior to the wedding date. Additionally, an overtime fee of $100 per hour for each artist will apply if services run beyond the scheduled end time.

  • ​If service is cancelled within 30 calendar days of the wedding, the full rate per contract will still be charged. If service is cancelled within 60 calendar days of the wedding, a half rate per contract will be charged. Anything canceled past 60 calendar days will not be penalized. ​

  • The remaining balance will be due in full on the day of the wedding. Accepted payment methods are Cash, Venmo, Cash App, Credit Card (with a 3.7% fee), or check made out to Meghan Lee. While tips are not included in the wedding day total, they are very much appreciated. Many blessings to you!!

Please contact artist with any other cancellation issues.

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