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Rica + Zack

Rica was planning her elopement to long-time boyfriend, Zack, back in November and she reached out to the social media world looking for a hair and makeup artist. I commented on her post stating my open availability and we began chatting in messenger. I linked my portfolio and she liked what she saw because she decided to work with me. She was super easy to talk to and she was clear with what kind of bridal look she was envisioning. I had no problems providing the look for her.

Both Rica and Zack met in hospitality, in the food industry specifically, and became close friends. They eventually quite the corporate food world and opened their own business all the while discovering their new love for each other. I haven't worked in the food industry, but the back-end seems like it would be stressful. So if they can find love amidst that, you know it's going to work out.

Unfortunately, I didn't make myself notes on what makeup products I used, but I'm sure I can recreate it if there's anyone out there who wants me to after looking at her before-and-after pics below.

I emailed Rica this week asking if she had gotten any wedding photos back and she gave me permission to share these three photos. She and Zack make such a beautiful couple! Congrats to them both!

(I will definitely come back and update this post once she reminds me of her photographer's name)

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