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Raquel + Josh

I met Raquel last summer after she hired me as a wedding vendor on The Knot. I know wedding planning is stressful, so I understand having a platform like The Knot in hand to help navigate things. We talked for a hot minute before she decided to work with me because she had some bad experiences in the past.

Okay, okayyy so here me out. I did a trial run with Raquel last year and she showed me this ethereal princess -- scratch that, QUEEN -- hairstyle and I was so happy to bring that to life for her. But the thing about hair is just like most things, you need TONS of practice. I had the confidence that I would knock it out, but it just didn't turn out the way I had hoped. I took pictures from her trial run, buuuut I never posted them anywhere. I could find them in my photos, but I'm not going to do that. So you see why Raquel had some hesitations? I don't think I helped her at all. Haha. I promise I got myself together!

But when the wedding day came around, I already had a different way that I was going to execute it and Raquel still had my confidence in her hands and I'm so glad she trusted me to give her the look she wanted from the start. I have been WAY behind with getting wedding photos back from photographers and I just go them back this week. The photographer's shots show off Raquel's hair so beautifully and I've got a few other photos to show off as well.

Photography: Dahlia Orchid

Hair and Makeup: Declan and Mae

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