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Nadine + Michael

Nadine reached out to me last year when she was searching for her hair and makeup artist for her wedding day in July. She found me through her venue, The Cordelle. They have a preferred vendor list for several categories and I am lucky enough to be listed under their beauty category.

What I am going to say next is vulnerable for me to say out loud, but I was to be completely transparent. I am active on Facebook especially for free marketing in the wedding groups. After Nadine had booked my team for her hair and makeup, I saw her posting looking for a hair and makeup artist. I commented saying something along the lines of "I thought we were already booked....?" And understandable, that rubbed her the wrong way. She decided it would be less stressful on her part to hire 931 Beauty Co mainly because she and her mom have seen stylists there for years doing cutting and coloring and didn't want to add on any unnecessary drama. We talked back and forth in email to clear up my confusion and understanding that she felt more comfortable using someone else for her own wedding day beauty, but she was still comfortable using. us for her wedding party. It was definitely a lesson learned and I will grow from this moving forward.

Regardless of my own mishap in this, Nadine was so gracious to send over some wedding photos for me to be able to share some in my online portfolio.

Congrats to Nadine and Michael and thank you for having us!!

Hair and makeup: 931 Beauty Co for bride, mom, aunt and Declan + Mae for the rest

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