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Miss K

Miss K came in recently to see Kristen Fonville for her very first boudoir photo shoot. She originally booked the session as an anniversary present for her husband, but then also found out that a couple o her friends have done shoots in the past too. So even though she was extremely nervous about the whole thing, knowing her friends were in the same shoes, it eased the nerves a bit.

Here is a list of makeup products I used for her fabulous look!

Products used:

Nars radiant longwear foundation in Deauville and Yukon custom mixed along with Max strobe cream underneath to help hydrate her rosacea, Elf hydrating camo concealer in Light Peach, very little powder to set, ColourPop bronzer blush and highlighter, ColourPop brow pencil in Dope Taupe, Sydney Grace shadows on the eyes, KVD super pomade in Graphite as the liner, Essence mascara, Ardell 421 lashes, and Rimmel lip liner in Epic topped with Maybelline lifter gloss in Moon

I found out this week that Miss K signed her model release. They usually come in for their image debut and make the decision then, and I'm always excited when they say "yes" because that just means that I also get to enjoy a few selected photos and share them in my portfolio. I'm glad Miss K had so much fun!

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