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Miss K

Miss K came in to see Kristen Fonville back in October for her very first boudoir photo shoot. I usually make notes after each session so that I can remember what we talked about and make notes of what products I used. But for some reason, I didn't do that this time. My brain must have been turned off after we finised up. I could probably recreate this look based on these below pictures if anyone is interested or wanted me to do something like this.

I can tell I used the Ardell no421 false lashes. And I can almost bet that her lips were Rimmel lip liner in Epic topped with Morphe matte lipstick in Wifey.

I did receive word from Kristen recently that Miss K signed a model release, so I've got some amazing images to share with everyone! Now to decide which one to make the thumbnail in my main portfolio.

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