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Miss K

You may remember seeing Miss K's face before, and you're right! She has been in Kristen Fonville's boudoir photographer studio in the past and I've had the pleasure of doing her hair and makeup before, I'm not certain if this is session number 2 or 3 for her, but regardless, it was fun seeing a familiar face.

Products used:

Nars radiant longwear foundation in Yukon as base and concealer, ABH translucent setting powder, ColourPop bronzer blush and highlighter, ColourPop brows in Dope Taupe, ColourPop Stone Cold Fox palette on the eyes, brown shadow liner, Essence mascara, Kiss no11 lashes, and ColourPop BFF lip liner topped with Maybelline lifter gloss in Reef

Miss K has been in the studio before and signed a model release then, so I'm glad to have found out that she signed one for this session too. I swear she's got one of those faces that could literally be doing anything, she could be wearing anything, her hair could be any which way, and she'd still look sexy as hell. You go, Miss K!

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