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Miss D

I know you've probably seen this face on my feed before, but Miss D came in to see Kristen Fonville for her 4th (I think) boudoir photo shoot. She usually comes in towards the end of the year and switches up colors or the vibe of the session. This time she planned it as a couples session. Steamy, right?! Kristen doesn't do these or plan these couples sessions all that often, but if an established client asks, I don't think she can turn them down. Haha. I've worked with Miss D for most of her sessions and she's got the best facial expressions in her photos. I don't know how she does it, but I love each and every one of them that I see!

Somehow I forgot to write about what makeup products I used on her when she had her session a little over a month ago. And at this point, my brain isn't going to remember. But based on the photos, I could probably guess if there is anyone wanting or who is curious about recreating something similar. Miss D did request something natural; that I do remember.

And based on past sessions, I was really hoping Miss D was going to sign a model release, and she did!

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