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Miss B

Alriiiiight, don't judge me. But I have another client from earlier in the year where I didn't post her before-and-after pics, make notes of what we talked about while getting ready, or anything. I know part of it was my website platform was having issues uploading images when I created a blog draft, so I'm thinking I was just like I'll get back to that eventually once they work themselves out and then just never went back. Oopsies.

Regardless of my mess up, this was a client who saw Kristen Fonville, one of my favorite boudoir photographers based in Ashland City, TN, and I was Miss M's hair and makeup artist that day. She signed a model release after she came in for her image debut and I'm so happy she released some to the public. I don't ever see the entire albums when clients do release, so I'm always happy with whatever I get. These are the select few she gave permission for and I hope seeing images like this gives you the guts to book a session for yourself.

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