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Miss A

Miss A came in to see The Adore Girls team earlier this year for her very first boudoir photo shoot experience. She originally planned a boudoir session with another photographer for her fiancé, but then they postponed the wedding. And she ended up hating those images. So once the wedding had a new date, she booked with a new boudoir team and here we are! She was fun to chat with while in the hair and makeup chair and her short hair made me really consider chopping my own hair off again. Haha.

Products used:

Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless foundation in 2 neutral used as the base and concealer, Maybelline FitMe translucent powder, Benefit Hoola bronze, Morphe warm blush palette, Benefit Cookie highlight, Morphe brow pencil in Mocha and Jet, Sydney Grace shadows on the eyes, KVD super pomade in Graphite as the liner, random black mascara, Kiss Gala lashes, and Rimmel lip liner in Obsession topped with Bobbi Brown lipstick in Blackberry (one of my faves!!)

Yay! I remembered from Miss A's session day that she agreed to sign a model release, so I was just a little behind with requesting an image or two from the studio. I was obsessed with her hair and makeup when I did it then, so I've been itching to post them online.

And signing a model release just means that the client gives the team permission to share her images publicly. I do believe she still has a say with which ones can be shared, but it gives the option to share them in sample albums, on social media, on wall art, etc. And I also reap the benefits of it too because I can post an image in my portfolio. Signing a model release is 100% the client's call and there's no pressure to sign it.

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