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Katie + Mark

Katie is another super-cool human that found me through another vendor. I mentioned in one of my last posts that I love that the Nashville area is connected with one another and we all know each other it seems. So Katie and I did a trial run back in April about a month before the big day. We got to know each other and found out that she and Mark met online -- I love that online dating is becoming more and more of a success story -- and they hit it off immediately. Katie has a 10 year old and sometimes the dating scene is sketch when they find out someone has a kid. But it takes a real big person to love your partner AND their child.

Anywhoooo, here is a list of makeup products I used for Katie's trial. We didn't change anything on the wedding day, so it stayed constant. I love this look on her!

Products used:

Nars radiant longwear foundation in Gobi used as base and concealer, Maybelline FitMe powder, Benefit Hoola bronzer, Morphe Warm blush palette, Benefit Cookie highlight, ColourPop brow pencil in Bronde Moment, ABH Modern Renaissance palette on the eyes, KVD super pomade in Graphite as the liner, mascara, Kiss no11 lashes and Juvias Place lip liner topped with Bobbi Brown lipstick in Beige 2

I didn't remember to take a "before" pictures of Katie, but as far as her hair was concerned, she wanted to stick close to her natural curl pattern as possible. So I broke out one of my tiny curling wand attachments just to touch up any of the top layer.

Here are some pics from the wedding day, wedding at The Wedding Woods

I reached out to Katie last week to see if she had any wedding photos back from her photographer and she sent me a small handful to be able to share with her permission. I truly love being a small part of peoples' wedding days and to be trusted with something like their hair and makeup looks. It means so much to me.

Also, here is a review from Katie.

Meghan was a joy to work with from the beginning. I gave her full reign to decide what makeup would give me a soft glam vibe. She did hair and makeup for all of my bridal party and myself, she worked well with each of them to determine a look that suited them but was cohesive with the group. She even had time to help with tattoo cover up and did my mom's hair, both of which were not part of the original plan. Communication and pricing was perfect. I absolutely loved working with her from start to finish.

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