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Jenya + Alexey

**DISCLAIMER // This wedding was booked through La Belle Glam and the owner, Kristina, was out of town so she contacted myself and Katie Dallaire Spear for hair and makeup. I cannot claim this wedding as my own, but I did get permission to post about it here as long as I tag all the lead vendors.**

I'm not exactly sure how Jenya got in touch with Kristina's beauty team, but now that I'm writing this out, I believe they found each other on The Knot's website. Jenya and her family are originally from Russia but she moved to the States a while ago. They reside in the greater Nashville area and will be here long term, so they knew Nashville was the place to tie the knot at the end of December last year. I loved getting to know her fam, especially being as they have a different culture than mine. As mentioned above, Katie did the hair and I did the makeup. I found out that Jenya has a severe allergy to something in all makeup products and she hasn't been able to narrow it down yet, so she's found a few products that do work and I used that from her personal bag. Otherwise, I used things from my kit on top. Didn't want the chance of her breaking out on her wedding day, so I was more than happy to do that for her.

Below are the makeup pictures I took on the wedding day and as soon as I hear from the photographer (through Kristina), I'll post those pro images at the bottom.

It took me a minute to find out who the photographer was for the wedding day, and even Kristina was having a hard time getting back in touch with Jenya. But we found out and finally got permission to post some images on our sites. YAY! Jenya made such a beautiful bride and I'm sending out all the best wishes to her and Alexey.

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