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Harlie + Taylor

Harlie reached out to me through Instagram looking to hire someone for makeup for her January wedding. It's crazy to me that brides are looking for vendors through social media like Instagram as much as they are. I expect to interact through paid platforms, so it's pretty cool when I get hired elsewhere.

She didn't want to set up a preview session -- that's totally cool and I don't require that, just FYI -- but she was pretty clear with her vision. It was a chill day and I loved getting to know all the ladies on this special day!

Below are some supa-fun before and after photos of the makeup that I did for some of the bridesmaids and Harlie is the last one at the bottom. Lecia, my second artist, did the other makeups including the moms which you'll see in some of the final images from the photographer. I didn't include any makeup product details, so if you came looking for any of that info, sorry, but I don't have it.

I'm not sure why I had some difficulty getting some wedding photos back from Harlie, but I did. Either she didn't get my emails or she's ignoring me. We're going to go with the first one. Haha. I did some detective work and found her on Facebook and she's got most all photos uploaded to an album, so I've saved some to include in this post. Until I hear back from her, we're going to leave it up and move forward. If she comes back and asks me to remove it, I'll do so. I just love showing off some photos from the happy couple's day. I can't help it!

And before I include the images, here is some vendor info.

Makeup: Declan and Mae with assist by second artist, Lecia Doss

Hair: Unknown

Photographer: Unknown (it was a relative who shot the wedding)

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