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Clark family photos

Scherese reached out to me a few months ago about doing makeup for her, her two daughters, and daughter-in-law for some photos she was wanting of her entire family. I know Scherese from a previous photo shoot and she liked what I did with her look then, so she reached out and asked me to do it again. I loved working with her the first time, so I definitely wanted to work with her again. Aside from her being a stunning person, she's got such a kind heart and we click really well (even though I've only seen her twice before haha).

Here are the before-and-after pictures I took to show off everyone's makeup.

I'm not sure where the family took their pictures, but I know it was a studio space somewhere in the Nashville area. But I do know their photographer was Olivia Merritt Photographer, and then of course, makeup by me! Seeing these photos makes me really want to step up my wardrobe for my next family photo shoot.

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