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Ashley + Kurt

I remember in the beginning of me working in the wedding side of things that I was so curious how long it would take me to get my name out there to where I'd be consistently booked. I'm extremely grateful to say that I am very booked now, but I won't ever forget the people who helped (no matter how big or small) me get to where I am now. Morgan Ebright is one of those people and she asked me to help her with a wedding she booked back in April 2021. I was more than happy to jump in and help her out.

Here are the before-and-after pics of the makeup I did for this wedding, but I'm not sure who the photographer was in order for me to follow up with wedding photos. I will definitely come back and update this post if I do get that information and will update with the pro image as well. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy seeing these face of all these beautiful women.

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