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Stephanie + James

I met Stephanie through another vendor friend. I did her hair and makeup once before and she asked me to do her wedding makeup too. It was such a privilege! On the wedding day, we got ready at her house and it was a chill morning. Since we have already done hair and makeup together, she knew what kind of look she was wanting for this big life event, so it made the morning super easy for me.

I did not take down any notes of the products I used this time, but I'm sure I can recreate any of these looks based on the pictures below. So if you're someone out here reading this and want one of these looks, you say the word, and I'll do it!

I got some wedding photos back from Stephanie back in May, but I'm SO behind with posting things on my website, so my apologies with that. We're almost a year out from the wedding day, so I'm glad we could get some in here now. Stephanie made one stunning bride! And I'm so glad to have been a small part of her big day doing hair and makeup for her and her group.

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