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Shelby + Walter

I've been going back and looking up some past weddings that I've worked and came across Shelby and Walter's wedding from February 2021. My brain completely forgot about it and I had to look back in my albums to find pictures of hair and makeup and everything. Who knows what I was doing, but once you get behind on something, it's hard to recover. Or at least it takes some serious effort to get back.

But I'm trying to get back up to speed so that every wedding I've had since then doesn't fall on the backburner as well. I want to be able to show off images from weddings I've worked because A) I like to showcase the hair and/or makeup I did -- as well as anyone who works with me -- and B) the photographers have some serious magic in their fingers or behind their eyes...whatever. They're the true MVPs on wedding days.

Here is the hair and makeup I did on the wedding day. Kinsey assisted me that day and I always love having her work alongside me!


Hair and Makeup: Declan + Mae

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