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Shelby + Tyler

Shelby found me online through one of the wedding vendor websites and we got to chatting about what specifically she needed for her hair and makeup needs. We got to chatting and got to know each other a little bit and Shelby is from the Dale Hollow Lake area, which is close to her venue in the Livingston area (Alpine, to be exact) and her fiancé, Tyler, is originally from that area as well. His family still lives in that area so that's why they chose to get married there. But they are both living in Oklahoma right now, so it was a little challenging trying to plan a wedding from so many states away. I tried to give her as much ease and grace as possible to reassure her that we didn't need to set up a trial run because I have plenty of experience and I felt comfortable meeting her on the wedding day and able to knock out her perfect hair and makeup look.

I didn't make any notes of what makeup products I used on her, but I'm sure I can easily recreate it if there's anyone out there who wants me to replicate it on them. I'm also really obsessed with her hairstyle. I've had tons of brides this year asking for this kind of romantic, airy, loosey-goosey kind of low bun style and I honestly feel like it's becoming a niche of mine. I don't think it'll look back on anyone.

Hair and Makeup: Declan and Mae (me as the lead with Andrea, Katie, and Lecia)

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