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Scottie + Graham

Kinsey is a fellow hair and makeup artist in the Nashville area and we work together somewhat often. She asked me to help out with hair on a wedding from last year and I said yes because it's always fun to help out other artists. And I can just show up and do my thing for once without having to deal with the admin side of things. Haha.

Scottie is a bride that hired Kinsey and her team and I got to know the girls a little. They're all from the Chattanooga area and oddly enough, that's where I grew up. Small world, huh?!

Photography: TBD

Hair and Makeup: Ava Couture Beauty (I assisted Kinsey that day)

And while I did not take any pictures from this wedding day, I did snag one wedding photo from Kinsey's social media of the bridal party. I absolutely LOVE this picture of the girls! I was also able to snoop online for Scottie's social media and found one other picture of her and Graham. Many blessings to this couple!!

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