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Rochelle + Callum

Rochelle was a past bride of mine and she reached out to me via her venue, Cedarmont Farm, as I was listed on their preferred vendor list. I know weddings can be stressful when you're trying to play and DIY as much as you can to help your budget, but it's really nice when venues (or even your planners if you've got one) can suggest recommendations for other vendors. It makes the day feel so much more smooth and takes some of that stress off of your plate.

Rochelle did not want to do a trial with me and I'm A-okay with that. I don't require my brides to schedule a trial in order to book me for their wedding days. I've done probably 60% of my weddings with trials and the other 40% without and they all still go off without a hitch.

And since I didn't do a trial run with Rochelle, I did not make any notes of what makeup products I used for her wedding day look, but I'm sure I can recreate it if there's anyone out there reading this and feels inspired by Rochelle's makeup that they want to have it done on themselves. I can definitely make that happen. Aside from that, I did take plenty of before-and-after pictures and I hope you enjoy those!

Hair and Makeup: Declan + Mae (artists Meghan, Andrea, and Nicole)

I'm seriously forever and a day behind with requesting wedding photos from my past clients or their photographers, but Rochelle was sweet enough to send me some from over a year ago. I wish nothing but the best for Rochelle and Callum - ANNNND their sweet baby girl too!!

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