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Olivia + Michael

Olivia reached out to me about hiring me for makeup services for her wedding in early August. We worked together once before and she was considering hiring a makeup artist but wasn't 100% on board yet. But the closer she got to the big day, she decided it was worth it all. So I'm glad I was available on her day and that we could work together!

I decided not to list any makeup details because I've done makeup on Olivia before (shhh, no one else knows that) and have it listed in that precious post. PLUS, it totally slipped my mind to get a picture of her makeup on the wedding day anyway. I did makeup for her, her mom, and 3 bridesmaids and I have those below if you wanted to see a fun side-by-side view. Well, it's fun for me. Lol.

I'm friends with Olivia on Facebook and have been spying on her to see when photos are ready. Haha. Not everyone posts their wedding photos on social media, so it's not the worst thing if I don't see them there. I'll just have to do a little more investigative work to track them down. Buuuuut, Olivia DID post them online, so I don't have to heckle her to email me any. I can just save any I'd like. So I've picked out a few that I wanted to show off and I hope you enjoy them and feel all the happy feels like I do after seeing them.

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