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Monica + Marshall

Monica is from Michigan but her soon-to-be hubby is stationed at Fort Campbell in Kentucky. They wanted to plan their wedding at their dream venue, but the military made it pretty strict with getting off base and such. So they did what they could to still make it as dreamy as possible and invited what few family members that were allowed. We got ready at a historical house in Guthrie, KY, which is right outside of Clarksville, and the chapel at the base was pretty close by in that same area.

Here are some photos I took of hair and/or makeup that I did on the wedding day. I did not make note of any makeup products I used, so please ask if you're curious and I'm sure I can eye-ball what I used.

To be honest, I almost forgot about this wedding that I did. Even when I got some photos back from the photographer, I was like "Iiiii don't remember what this bride looks like" but then it all came back to me. I remember having tons of fun with her family as we were getting ready and enjoyed every second of it.

Venue: Soldiers Chapel at Fort Campbell

Photography: Lili B's Photography

Hair and Makeup: Declan and Mae

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