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Miss T

Miss T came in to see The Adore Girls a little over a month ago. She booked the session as a gift to herself and I love that about her! She's had a packed life with work and family and wanted this experience to be a time to just enjoy herself. You go, Miss T!

These are the makeup products I used to achieve her look in case you were curious. We did somewhat of a traditional smoky eye but with neutral colors instead of cool tones. It had to be something on the warm side because she's got such a rockin' tan. And she had tons of hair and I could tell from touching her hair that she had good texture to hold a curl.

Products used:

Nars radiant longwear foundation in Tahoe, ColourPop pretty fresh concealer in Medium95W, Makeup Revolution Luxury Baking Powder in Banana, Benefit Toasted bronzer, ColourPop blush in Glass Slipper, ColourPop highlight in 1st Prize, ColourPop brow pencil in Bangin' Brunette, Sydney Grace shadows on the eyes, no liner, random mascara, Ardell mink854 lashes, and ColourPop matte luxe lippie in Liquid Courage.

And I love seeing the hair and makeup "in action" so I've been posting like 10 second videos lately, but I totally forgot to record one for Miss T. I still really love the side-by-side before and after shots, so at least we have that.

I found out today that Miss T signed a model release. If you're new here or new to a boudoir photographer group like The Adore Girls, obviously you call the shots with if you want to release your images. That means they can use your image(s) for marketing purposes, in sample albums, or someone like me can post it in my portfolio that shows off the hair and makeup. In no way should you feel any pressure to do so, I'm just always happy when I do get to show off YOU! Here's a few of Miss T that were my favorites and mayyyybe this will be some encouragement or inspiration for you to book yourself!

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