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Miss T

We've got another "Miss T" that came in to see The Adore Girls earlier this month for a boudoir session. She was super sweet and we chatted about life and it made the morning so by so quickly! She was also one that gave me free reign to do whatever with her makeup. The one request she had was that she wanted a darker lip. I've got you, sis!!

These are the makeup products I used in case you're curious how I got from point A to point B. Isn't this such a fab look?!

Products used:

ColourPop no filter foundation in Light 50 (went darker on her face because her body was really tan), ColourPop no filter concealer in Medium 22, RCMA no color powder to set, Benefit Hoola bronzer Mac Peaches blush and Soft Gentle highlight, ABH brow wiz in Medium Brown, Sydney Grace shadows on the eyes, mascara, falsies, and ColourPop luxe lipstick in Pencil Me In.

Something else I wanted to throw out there before looking at her makeup "before and after" images is it looks sooooo off to me. It could have been the lighting, but I promise it wasn't this bad looking in real life. I chose to do something a little darker on her face because the rest of her body was SO tan. I did get a few images to share with permission of the client and you'll see in those pro images that it all blended in the end. Plus, her legs were super tan and I was trying to get close to that as well. That was part of the reason I didn't post her side-by-side photo on social media because I didn't want it to be viewed in the wrong way.

And I'm always excited when the clients come back and sign a model release. Miss T was so fun and she was more than willing to sign the release. Like why not, right?! Love it!!

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