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Miss L

Miss L was in recently for her very first boudoir photo shoot with The Adore Girls team. She heard about this team through a friend and online and thought it would be something fun for her to do. She's got a significant other and she described their relationship as "on again, off again". At the time, she said they were "on again" so she booked the session. She packed a couple of outfits for him so once he's behaving again, she might share some images with him. Hahaha. I totally get that. But she's been following this team for a while and thought now is as good a time as any. Plus it was something that would push her outside her box a little. We all need some things to challenge us in life, right?!

These are the makeup products I listed out so you can see what all I used for her amazing makeup look. And I curled her hair using a 1" curling iron. Easy peezy.

Products used:

Nars radiant longwear foundation in Vallauris, ColourPop pretty fresh concealer in Light45W, Laura Mercier translucent powder to set, Benefit Hoola bronzer, Sydney Grace blush in Georgia Peach and highlight in Golden Wonder, ColourPop brow pencil in Dope Taupe, ColourPop Bare Necessities palette on the eyes, Inglot black gel liner, mascara, Kiss Sequin lashes, and ColourPop lip liner in Beeper topped with Morphe matte lipstick in Fling.

YAY! Guess what?! Miss L signed a model release, so I'm really pumped to show off a couple from her session. In case this is your first time reading about a boudoir photo shoot like this, no one pressures the clients to sign a model release and it's 100% up to them. If they do decide to sign one, it just gives the studio the permission to use her images (not saying they WILL, but they have the option to use them) for marketing purposes, in sample albums, on canvases at any expos, with me in my portfolio (or whichever hair and makeup artist they've got that day), etc. But we won't be sad if they decide to keep the images private. This photo shoot is all about the client so they've got say how their images are or aren't used. But anywho, here are a couple from Miss L's shoot.

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