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Miss L

The Adore Girls had another awesome client come in back in early June for a boudoir photo shoot. Miss L lives in the area of the studio so she knew right where to go on session day. Her boyfriend's birthday was coming up and booked the shoot as a present for him. Sadly, he guessed what she was doing, but there will still be some sort of surprise because he does not know the outfits she picked out. So at least there's that!

These are the makeup products I used on Miss L listed out just in case anyone out there is curious how I got from point A to Point B. And she wanted to keep as much of her natural curl as possible, but I still needed to smooth it some, so I love the outcome.

Products used:

Nars radiant longwear foundation in Gobi and Punjab custom mixed, then used the Gobi shade as concealer, RCMA no color powder to set, ColourPop bronzer in CA Dreaming, ColourPop blush in Excuse My French, ColourPop highlight in Smitten Kitten, ColourPop brow pencil in Champagne Blonde, Makeup Geek shadows on the eyes, Inglot black gel liner, mascara, Morphe lashes in the style Calabasas, and ColourPop matte luxe lippie in Liquid Courage.

Miss L told me that her friends tell her all that time that she's the "selfie queen" of the group. I completely agree with that because when I was taking these makeup shots below, she knew all the right angles. Made my job easy!

Also, Miss L decided not to sign a model release and I'm a-ok with that. It was her call to make and she wanted to keep these private. She did give permission, however, for me to post these before-and-after images.

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