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Miss K

Miss K came in to see Kristen Fonville at the end of June for her very first boudoir photo shoot experience. She lives out in the Livingston area and found out about Kristen via a Facebook ad. I'm not sure there's even any boudoir photographers out that way, so it's cool seeing these ads actually working because now they've been connected. She came in the studio on the day of her shoot and you could tell how excited she was. I found out that she booked the shoot "just because" and I absolutely love that reason. As women, there are too many times where we put literally any and everything ahead of us. And we need moments like this to answer "YES" to. It makes me think of the movie with Jim Carey called "Yes Man" where anytime asks him to do something, it challenges him, but he says yes to it. I think that's one helluva way to live. It keeps you thinking outside the box, right?!

Below is a list of the makeup products I used for Miss K in case anyone is curious about that kind of thing. And because she had shorter hair, I curled it using a flat iron keeping the curls more "flirty" as opposed to those tacky ringlets.

Products used:

Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless foundation in 3 Cool used as base and concealer, Maybelline FitMe powder to set, Benefit Hoola bronzer, Morphe warm blush palette on the cheeks, Benefit Cookie highlight, ColourPop brow pencil in Bronde Moment, ABH Modern Renaissance palette on the eyes, KVD super pomade in Graphite as the liner, Essence mascara, Kiss lashes in Veil, and Rimmel lip liner in Epic topped with ColourPop lippie stix in Parker.

Kristen let me know this week that Miss K signed a model release, so I'm super pumped to be able to share a small handful of her images. And for anyone who doesn't know about a model release because you haven't yet had a session for yourself, it's paperwork that Kristen goes over with you. It basically says that you give permission for her to use your images in sample albums, on wall art in her studio, on social media, etc. It doesn't mean that she is actually going to use them, but she's got the option to. And you can choose which ones you choose to share. But if you don't want to share them, it's honestly no big deal and you can 100% keep them private.

I just know it's always fun when ladies do share their images because I get to show you off the world as the GODDESS you are! So here are some of Miss K for everyone to enjoy.

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