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Miss J

Miss J came in to see Kristen Fonville earlier this month for her very first boudoir session. You know, I should probably rephrase that with every post I make, because DUH, this is most likely everyone's first time. Lol. Something common that Miss J has with other recent clients is that she's a bride-to-be and getting married next month. She booked the session as a surprise for her fiance.

Below are the makeup products I used to get her natural, yet GORGE, makeup look. And she had hair for daysss so I just used a curling wand for these wave-type curls.

Products used:

Nars radiant longwear foundation in Punjab, ColourPop pretty fresh concealer in Light33C mixed with a little of the base as well, RCMA no color powder to set, Benefit Hoola bronzer, Sydney Grace blush, Benefit Cookie highlight, ColourPop brow pencil in Champagne Blonde, Sydney Grace various shadows on the eyes, Inglot black gel liner, mascara, Kiss Couture lashes in Midnight, and ColourPop lip liner in BFF topped with Bobbi Brown lipstick in Beige 2.

And even though Miss J is keeping this a secret until their wedding day next month, she still wanted to sign a model release. AKA, that allows Kristen to use her images for marketing purposes, post on social media, use in sample albums, etc. Annnnnd as her beauty artist for session day, it allows me to post in my porfolio as well. SO YAY! Obviously I don't have full access to her images, but Kristen does give me access to a small handful. And here are some below and I really hope that maybe this will give you the courage to book a session for yourself. WE ALL DESERVE IT.

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