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Miss J

Miss J came in to see the fab team of The Adore Girls a little over a month ago. Her spouse knows about the photo shoot and they've been through some personal things lately and thought something like this would be a change of pace and something to get their minds off of things. What a perfect distraction, right?

Below is a list of makeup products that I try and keep track of after each photo shoot. You never know who might be reading these things and want to know product info so they can recreate it themselves. Just trying to be nice over here.

Products used:

Nars radiant longwear foundation in Vallauris, ColourPop pretty fresh concealer in Light45W, RCMA no color powder to set, Benefit Hoola bronzer, Sydney Grace blush in Peaches n Cream and highlight in Golden Wonder, Morphe brow pencil in Latte, Sydney Grace shadows on the eyes, no liner, random mascara, Kiss Couture lashes in Chiffon, and ColourPop lip liner in Lumiere topped with Bobbi Brown lipstick in Beige 2.

I was so in love with Miss J's hair and makeup look that I was really excited when I heard she signed a model release. I'm posting my favorite below and that's all there is to it.

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