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Miss F

Miss F came in to see Kristen Fonville back in April and she said she's always wanted to do something like a boudoir photo shoot. Her mom did glamour shots back in like the 80s and thought this would be a fun and updated version of that. Either way, you know she's got some killer confidence right now!

I don't have her before-and-after picture saved but I know it's on my Instagram feed somewhere. I'm sure you can find it down there if you scroll back several months. I tried to post the makeup pics at the time, but Wix wouldn't let me save them.

Kristen let me know that Miss F signed a model release and that just means she gave Kristen to share them outside the studio. I had these few that I was able to show off in my blogpost, so I'm happy with that! Now I've just got to pic one for my portfolio.

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