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Miss E

Welp, I did it again. I had another fabulous client with Kristen Fonville back in early February this year and there was like a solid two weeks where I just didn't remember to post about their hair and makeup. Y'know, show it off a little. So I don't know what my brain was doing. At least I was somewhat on point because I did actually remember to take these before-and-after pics...but not much else.

I do remember Miss E coming in the studio being super nervous and she and I and Kristen just chatted like we were old girlfriends. That makes my job super easy. I do really love doing hair and makeup for the person in my chair, but I love more getting to know each and every one of them. All the similarities and differences, we're sharing an experience together and it's the best having this human connection.

Kristen let me know this week that Miss E signed a model release. What is a model release? It's just a piece of paper that the client signs that let's Kristen (and me too) share images outside of the studio. The client still gets some say in that. For example, I did not get to see her whole album. She and Kristen picked out which select few that I could see and it's the same for which ones Kristen can share as well.

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