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Miss A

I'm pretty sure I said this in one of my last published posts, but earlier in the year, my website platform was being really buggy, so there was a large chunk of time where I didn't (or wasn't able to) post anything. And since I couldn't post anything, not even drafts, I got lazy and just didn't even try to make notes elsewhere. I like to make myself some sort of notes since I get to know the clients that come in and see Kristen, but I didn't this time.

Kristen is a phenomenal boudoir photographer based in Ashland City, TN. I work with her somewhat regularly and I love it so much! And I also love posting about her in my website because it serves as inspiration to others who are thinking about booking a session for themselves.

Miss A is top-notch inspiration right here. She hasn't had the best of lives and has suffered with her self-esteem. She found Kristen through a friend and decided to book her own photo shoot and she wanted to experience the biggest boost of confidence.

Kristen gives the clients the option to keep their images private or to release them. And that just means if they release them, they give Kristen permission to use them anywhere outside of the studio. It doesn't mean she's going to use ALL of them or any of them at all. But she's got the option to use them. And rolling down from that, I benefit when images are released because I can post them on my website or on social media too.

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