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Miss A

Miss A came in to see Kristen Fonville earlier in the year for her very first boudoir photo shoot experience. She booked it for that time of year because she had her significant other's birthday coming up and wanted to surprise them with these photos. But also, she really wanted to celebrate her current self. That should be the number one reason from the get-go if you ask me.

Here is what she looked like before and after makeup. And with the length of her hair, I curled it giving it more of a flirty wave so that we could keep as much length as possible without turning into Shirley Temple.

I already knew from session day that Miss A wanted to share her images with the world. She said something along the lines of "If I can do this at my heaviest, anyone can do this at any point in their lives" and I just love the confidence of that statement.

Also, tell me that you don't want this same pink-red hair color after seeing her images!

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