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Miss A

Sooooo I'm normally really good about remembering to post about any clients I meet especially in a blogpost like this because I want to show off all the hard work I did. And I like to take before-and-after pics to show the enhancements of their natural beauty. BUT I must have been in some serious brain fog because I forgot to post. Queue all the sarcastic and rolling eyes

I remember this client very vividly because I was basically drooling over all of her luxurious hair. And before I forget, this is a client that I met at Kristen Fonville's boudoir studio in Ashland City, TN. Miss A signed a model release which then gave Kristen (and in turn, me) permission to share her images if we so choose. That doesn't mean we'll share them all. I share because I know it's inspiration for someone out there who has been thinking about doing something like this.

So what do you think? Would you ever do something like this?

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