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Meredith + Lauren

Lauren reached out to me earlier this year about working on her same-sex wedding over the summer. I am always honored when brides reach out to me and they feel comfortable with me and my services that they want to work with me. In the booking process, I found out that Lauren and Meredith used to live in Nashville but they moved to Washington together and are currently living in the Boston area.

So listen, haha, I took a "before" picture of Lauren, but forgot to take the "after" and I did the same thing for one of the bridesmaids. But I do have one of this bridesmaid below. One of my artists booked to work with me on this wedding day called me the literal morning of the wedding saying she's sick, so it was a scramble to get everyone done in time. So I think that's why my brain was elsewhere when remembering to document the hair and makeup.

Photographer: Moments by Moriel

Hair and Makeup: Declan + Mae

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