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Megan + Spencer

Megan and Spencer had their wedding last May at Saddlewood Farm and Megan hired my team for her hair and makeup needs. I was already booked with a wedding in Livingston, TN and Arrington was too far of a drive to try and make it work. Occasionally I'm able to work two weddings where I only do the bride and the rest of the ladies are taken care of by freelance artists that I contract.

I really love Megan's venue, so I'm a little sad that I wasn't able to be her lead artist. Saddlewood is such a stunning venue in Arrington, TN and there are a ton of photo ops on the property. I was able to reach out and confirm Brie as her hair and makeup artist. Brie and I are friends and go way back, so I knew she'd be the perfect artist for Megan.

And while I didn't get any trial pictures from Brie (or rather she didn't take any), I did finally request some wedding photos from the photographer. I'm SO behind with posting these in my portfolio, so don't get mad. Please enjoy and I'm so thankful for Brie!

Photography: Sara Grace

Hair and makeup: Declan + Mae

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