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Mariette + Dan

This was a wedding last year where the amazing planning team reaching out to my team about working hair and makeup for the group. I originally was going to work this wedding as the lead artist, but there was a scheduling conflict that came up, so I asked some incredible artists to help me out that day. Justine worked as the lead, and then there was Rachel, Andrea, and Nisha. I appreciate these ladies so much and I'm glad this wedding went off without a hitch!

And because I wasn't there, I don't have any before-and-after images to show off for hair or makeup, so I'll include some of the professional images below.

Congrats to Mariette and Dan!!

Venue: Unknown

Planner: Lynsey with Sutlan + Co

Hair and Makeup: Declan + Mae (Justine, Rachel, Andrea, and Nisha)

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