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Marguerite + Ethan

Marguerite is a Nashville-based bride that reached out to me about doing hair and makeup for her November wedding last year.

Here is a small gallery of the hairs and makeups I did on the wedding day. I did post a video or two of some of these looks LIVE if anyone wanted to check them out on Instagram, but these still-photos are just as gorgeous that I'm still going to share them everywhere too.

ANd I don't know what my brain was thinking because I didn't begin a draft and post her hair and makeup from the trial run. We didn't change anything aside from adding more volume to the hair, so I hope it's okay and it's not going to ruin anyone's day ;-)

I got an email back in the last couple of weeks from Marguerite's planner and she was so kind to send over the photographer's gallery link so that any of the vendors could post in their portfolios. If you haven't worked with Ad Astra before, their whole team is phenomenal! So now it's time for you to enjoy some of their wedding photos.

Congrats to Marguerite and Ethan and I wish them nothing but the best in this new chapter of married life!! Their wedding was beautiful and I'm so grateful to have been a small part providing hair and makeup for her and her group of ladies.

Photographer: Melanie Grady

Planner: Ad Astra Events

Hair and Makeup: Declan + Mae (with assist by Katie and Erika)

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