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Makayla lives in the Huntsville, AL area and travels often. She's out of town either traveling and exploring the world... or she's got a super fun side-gig of modeling. She reached out on Facebook to see if anyone in the Nashville area would be available to do her makeup for an upcoming photo shoot. I was open, so I commented saying I was available. And it worked out in our favor because we ended up working together.

Here is the before-and-after pic that shows off her makeup and I can't wait to share her pro images!

And I'm not doing my job if I don't secretly steal this car selfie. Haha.

And I'm super excited to share this image with you all! Makayla knows how to serve ALL the lewks and she did NOT disappoint with this one.

Photographer: Pony Pics Photographer

Dress: Revolve / Elliatt

Makeup: Declan and Mae (that's me!)

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