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Lizzie and Brandon

I had a bride reach out to me via Facebook Messenger and I love that and and more clients are finding me that way. Lizzie was a woman on a mission and she knew right away who her lead makeup artist was doing to be. And that artist is Liz -- don't hate me because I don't know her last name -- and I'm so happy she was able to secure. Liz has a certain aesthetic and it's BOMB. The bride posted in one of the Facebook wedding pages asking to hire a team and then I commented to say we were available. She reached out and I guess she liked what she saw in my portfolio and we booked for her wedding in October.

Lizzie hired freelance artists that I contracted to work with my team. Lecia, Andrea, and Nicole were the artists I brought in because I knew they'd have all the skills for this wedding. I was already booked on this day back on October 23rd last year, but Lizzie told me she knew we'd be the right fit based on my portfolio work. I love that my artistry speaks for itself!

Lizzie hired on Liz as her lead makeup artist. I've worked with Liz a couple of times and she's a phenomenal artist. So I'm typing this out to show the world some love on Liz. Props to her magical fingers!

Venue: Bagsby Ranch

Photography: Shots by Cheyenne

Lead makeup artist: Looks by Liz

Wedding party hair and makeup artist: Declan and Mae

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