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Kelsey + Taylor

***DISCLAIMER // This wedding was booked through Southern Luxe Beauty and the owner and lead artist, Kristina, reached out to me about assisting her that day with a few makeups. I was available and I've been dying to work at this newer venue in Spring Hill, so I jumped at this opportunity. I have permission from Kristina to post about this wedding as long as I tag her everywhere as the lead beauty team.***

When I walked in the venue back in July, I glanced at the bride to say hi and noticed she looked familiar. I wasn't even there to do makeup on her, but I found out that I did her makeup for a photo shoot back in like 2017. She was getting some updated headshots as well as some lifestyle type of photos for her portfolio because she was pursuing modeling at that time, and here we are meeting again. I thought it was so cool to see her again after all these years. I had still been following her on social media, so that's why her face was still so fresh on my brain.

Here are the before-and-after pictures of makeup I did on the wedding day. This is the bride's sister, mom, and the groom's sister at the bottom. Loving these looks!

Hair and Makeup: Southern Luxe Beauty

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