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Jessica + Michael

Jessica was a Nashville bride from November 2021 and her sister reached out to me a little frantically looking for a last minute artist for the big day. There was some shady business happening between the artist she had originally hired and how she wasn't available anymore. I know Jessica was feeling down about the whole thing and I tried my best to life her spirits when we met.

We got ready at one of the office buildings on the Cheekwood property and I always LOVE weddings at Cheekwood. There are a million and one photo ops and the pictures always turn out STUNNING. Their family is from Florida and always wanted a wedding where mountains were involved. And although Nashville doesn't have mountains like, say Gatlinburg, but there are still some mountain-esque areas.

This was kind of a last minute add-on for my calendar, so I didn't take too many pictures of the hair and makeup on the wedding day, but Samantha emailed over some wedding photos recently, so I've got some to share! I still hate that Jessica's artist bailed at the last minute and kind of in a shady way, but I'm glad to have been available to help her out.

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