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Destinee + Austin

Destinee reached out to me via Instagram when she was searching for a makeup artist for her wedding day in early September this year. She had already booked her own bridal artist, but she wanted to find someone that could do makeup for her bridal party. I was personally already booked with a wedding that day, so I gave Destinee the option for me to find someone within my team to work with her or I could give her outside referral names. She had asked for examples of work we've done on darker skin tones and after she saw what I presented her, she felt comfortable booking with us. I was honestly a little jealous I wasn't the one working the wedding! I will say this, though. While I find artists to contract out with me, I make sure we are well-versed with all skin tones, skin types, skin woes, and whatever else may come our way, but I get it. Brown people have had the shit end of the stick when it comes to buying from makeup brands and their skin tones have been well under-represented. And for a big event like a wedding day, no wonder Destinee wanted to make sure she hired the right artists!

Venue: Unknown but will find out

Photographer: Sara Grace Photography

Makeup for bridesmaids: Declan and Mae (Tinisha and Brie)

Here are two of the ladies' makeups that Brie sent me, but I didn't get any from Nisha. I still wanted to show them off, nonetheless!

And here are some of the professional images that I wanted to share as well.

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