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Bryana + Mike

So I'm not sure how Bryana actually found me, I just know that she reached out via my website to inquire about hair and makeup services for her mid-August wedding. We met for lunch back in March -- right after the tornado if you know the one that came through Nashville at that time -- so we could discuss details, meet and see each other's faces, and see if we gel well together. We weren't acutally booked yet, but after having that lunch, she sent over the retainer and that set everything in motion. I love it when I click well with brides like that. Anywho, she was planning her wedding for Drakewood Farm in Goodlettsville but we had planned to get ready at one of her relatives' houses because it was nearby. Wedding at Drakewood but got ready at relative's house nearby. That made for a super chill morning and it all went by fast. My kind of wedding morning! Ha.

These are some photos of the hair and makeup that I had on my side of the schedule. And I had a second assist, Kinsey, help with the others.

Bryana let me know today that she's got some wedding photos back and already had them posted online. So I snagged a few from Facebook and have them below. Drakewood is one of my favorite venues in the area so I knew every angle of this place would make for some magical photos. They never disappoint.

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