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Blair + Nick

**DISCLAIMER // This wedding was not booked through my company, Declan and Mae, but rather through an artist friend and her company, R+Co Bridal Beauty Team. I was contracted out to help with some hairstyles that day and I got permission to share some photos as long as I shared the lead and tagged them accordingly.**

As you read above, this was not a wedding that I booked on my own. The owner of R+Co, Rachel, reached out to me about needing some last minute help with hairstyles on a wedding in mid-September. I was available, so I was happy to assist! Whenever I make posts about weddings I work, I keep notes of what makeup products I used, but since I did all hairstyles this time, I don't have much to say here. I did remember to take some pictures with my cell, so there's that at least. Actuallyyyyy, I did do ONE makeup last minute because timing was a little wonky at the end of the beauty schedule, so I hopped on that one. I just didn't take any notes with what makeup I used. Ah well....

Here's some wedding info and hopefully at the bottom I'll have some pro images to share!

Wedding 9.11.2020

Venue: White Dove Barn

Photog: Wind and Gold Photography

HMU: R+Co Bridal Beauty Team

And here's some pro images back from Christine with Wind and Gold to enjoy!

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