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Alison + Clancy

I met Alison online through her photographer. She hired me and my team for hair and makeup for her big wedding day in January this year. I told her from the beginning that I was pregnant so I couldn't work the wedding. But then the pregnancy didn't come to term so I ended up working the wedding anyway. But in the meantime of all of that happening, I asked one of my artists, Lecia, to work as the lead artist. I also brought in Katie to help with hairs that day.

Here are the makeups I did and I love showing off these before-and-after shots. And I also wanted to point out that I'm loving these darker berry lip colors. I don't know if they chose these because of the time of year or what, but it compliments everyone's skin tone!

Hair and makeup: Declan and Mae (Lecia lead with me and Katie)

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