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Alaina + Matt

Alaina reached out to me last year about doing hair and makeup for her and her ladies for her wedding towards the end of November. It happened to fall on a Sunday and I was available, so I'm glad we could work together. She is such a sweet person and it was an easy day getting to know her. We met for the first time on her actual wedding day and didn't do a trial ahead of time. She knew what kind of look she was wanting and I had confidence in doing it for her after I saw some inspiration pictures.

And here are the looks. Lecia assisted me on the wedding day too, but I don't have any photos of the work she did. I always love a good before-and-after pic!

I've been a little behind with getting wedding photos back -- not because the brides haven't sent them, but because I haven't requested them -- so I know this is over 6 months later... But I've got some photos to share with everyone. Yay!

Photographer: Deb Scally

Hair and Makeup: Declan + Mae

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